Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aug 14

Bergen Rocks...Aug 14

After work tonight we went over to the neighbor's (Ed Stacy) and he took us all for a ride in his wagon with a team beautiful of Norwegian Fiords that he raises. Ed has several of these beautiful horses, he has been raising them for a couple of decades. This colt was born on Sunday and another was born this morning. Ed is already working toward breaking this little guy, he can handle his feet, ears, tail etc. This was a super western experience for everyone.
You can just see the legs of the colt that was born today beside the mare in the background, mama was pretty protective, the one in the foreground is the one that Ed caught and we had a chance to pet.


uyen said...

This is Cuong's family from Vietnam..we can see that u guys are having tons of fun also. :) it is great that Mr.Morton has this website to update everyone. CHeers!

Debbie Doo said...

Sitting directly behind the horse is a very dangerous place for a number of reasons (ha ha....)