Sunday, August 9, 2009

Auyg 8

Bergen Rocks 09, Aug 8

Today was another busy day, the guys were busy working on their sculptures or bases and Mark and I got things lined up to pour concrete for Chander and Paul. The weather was nice and there was a pretty good turn out of visitors. A lot of people from Calgary, Didsbury, Red Deer, Olds.......we are really pleased that they have the interest to travel here to experience the symposium.

Only two of the bases will require concrete this year so we rented a small mixer, volunteers Mark Stuthiet (Beiseker) and I did the heavy work, Brad Callihoo (Edmonton) was in charge of the water. After losing his left leg in a motorcycle accident in 04 he has learned to assume management positions on our projects.

This stone weighs about 6000 lbs, it will be the base for Chien's piece, "Spring". With such a big footprint it won't need concrete under it. The ground is very firm, probably hasn't been disturbed for 30 years or more. After placing his sculpture the base stone will be covered with soil and laid over with sod.
Just goofing around! Chien almost fell off just before I took this picture, those 4" stainless steel hoops make nice rails for the bridge onto the lawn where last year's sculptures are installed.
I remembered that Peerapong found my big down filled parka cozy last year so I dug it out for Chien, we all sat around the picnic table until about 11 enjoying the evening. Lightning to the south had Chander a little concerned after the storm last Sunday night. I don't think we'll see another one like that for years to come.

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