Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cuong's Sculpture

Bergen Rocks...Cuong's Sculpture
Cuong with his finished piece, "Maintain". His interpretation is that there are many problems in the world now, wars, disease, environmental etc. It is not too late to save our planet for future generations and in order to do that all we have to do is "maintain" good morals and ethics, toward each other and the earth. The pearl in the palm of the hand represents the values that we need to presere.
This is Cuong's stone on day one. He started by cutting a flat surface on the base so that we could stand the piece up, his sculpture might be created without having to move his stone again. Some of the other pieces will need to be moved or turned several times before they are completed.
After the third day the sun was getting pretty hot in the afternoon so we put up the sun/rain shelters. It's definitely nice to be in the shade when you are working hard on a hot day.
After removing some big pieces with the 36" stone say Cuong is using a 7" and and a 9" angle grinder to cut frets which are removed with a carbide tipped chisel.


uyen said...

Cuong is working very hard, it seems :)
-Kim To, To Lan, To Uyen-

Tuong said...

Yes, Cuong is working hard,surronded by an quiet lanscape. But I am sure he gets a lot of fun with friends there. Hi from Saigon! (from do hoang tuong)

Thien said...

Hi anh Cuong,

Looks like you're working very hard.

Lao Dong Vinh Quang!

Can't wait to see the finished sculpture.


phandlily said...

Hello Anh Cuong,

LIly day. Em dang o nha an va dang an com trua voi ca gia dinh anh. DO AN NGON QUA!
Phai noi vay thi anh moi co lam som de ve Vietnam :)

Chuc anh co mot chuyen di day thu vi va nhieu cam suc moi...


Tuong said...

Cuong oi, lam le len ve viet nam di dalat voi MyHa. Ha ha...from do hoang tuong