Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aug. 9

Bergen Rocks...Aug 9

Today was an awesome day, the sculptors started to work at 8am as usual. Volunteers helped to finish up last minute details for the opening ceremonies, by lunch time everything we hoped to have done was pretty much finished up. The guys had lunch and went back to work until we were ready to start the ceremony at 2:30. The public that attended for the enjoyed having the opportunity to watch the sculptors at work and after the ceremony we took 1/2 hour or so for visiting.

The Armenian flag goes up, Canada is first on the left followed by the flags of the other four countries in alphabetical order.

Calgary Tourism came to the opening ceremonies to honor the artists for their efforts and the artwork that will result, it's significance culturally and other benefits that will result. They conducted a white hat ceremony and presented each with his hat, then they each recieved a certificate of honorary citizenship of the City of Calgary. Peerapong Doungkaew from the Giang Mai University in Thailand spoke on behalf of the international sculptors, Vahe Tokmajyan for the Canadians. I thanked the sculptors, the artists that are displaying work in the art show, the sponsors, volunteers Edmonton to Lethbridge and as far as the Okanogan. A sculptor from Seattle may be coming up to help out for a week near the end of the event. The Sculptors Association of Alberta, Travel Alberta and Prairies 2 Peaks Tourism Association have been a huge help. Without these groups lending their support and assistance Bergen Rocks would have remained a small event open to the public for 2 days only. The cooperation and enthusiasm we have enjoyed in development of the event has made it meaningful and rewarding for everyone now that it has become a reality.

To conclude the opening ceremonies each of the artists helped to hold a granite ribbon which Morton cut with a diamond stone cutting saw.

After supper we all headed out to the Mountain Music Festival in Carstairs. Like Bergen Rocks, this is a grass roots event that the community has embraced. It has developed in 3 short years into a major attraction for their town. We had a great time, and for once we got the guys played out. Cuong, Peerapong and Hung fell asleep on the drive back to Bergen. I think we may be starting a little later than usual tommorrow. Sundre Motors has provided the use of a van for our group excursions, it's great that we can all travel together. This local support is greatly appreciated.

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Paul said...

Hi Morton et al... Great Blog page! I will check in from time to time to see how things are evolving and to see what is emerging in the beautiful stones. I wish I could be there to see it again, in person, once things get closer to the final product - but alas, I am stuck here in Victoria for the rest of the summer - (altho that is not exactly carved in stone - lol!) Hope you all have a lot of fun. I can see thatr you are having way more of a good time these days than I am! Paul