Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aug 21

Bergen Rocks...Aug 21

After supper we all went to Wendy Tredger's for a horse back ride. After a little practise in the arena we went out for a ride in the trees around the beautiful property. Peerapong is a natural John Wayne.
Paul got the hang of it right away, I think he's riden before. There were about 500 pictures taken before we got on the horses. Wendy and Randy saddled up 6 horses when we got there which was really neat for the guys to see.

Everyone got a big kick out of the horse back riding, they got to put the hats from the Calgary White Hat Ceremony to good use.

Wendy, Randy and the sculptors just as we finished riding. We went into their beautiful log home where Wendy demonstrated wool spinning and showed us here faboric art studio. Her work is just georgeous, she is showing a portrait done in fabric at the art show of a local cowboy. The resemblance is uncanny. When he visited the site the other day all the artists recognized him.....
When you gotta go you gotta go, I'm really just barely having time to get a few pictures up each day. Peerapong's horse decided to get a little relief just before we went on the trail, we all had a great big laugh.

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