Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A-The stones and DIRECTIONS

Bergen Rocks....the stones

Directions: Turn south on the Bergen Road at the Shell service station in Sundre,
4 miles south turn west (right) on the Pioneer Lodge Road.
1 mile west turn south (left) on Rge Rd 5.4
1/4 mile south turn right into the sculpture site.

One of the marble stones, Tan Nguyen Cuong will use this 13,000lb'er for the main element of his piece.

Over 100,000 lbs of stone will be used to create the 5 sculptures. The marble was taken from a test quarry in the Okanogan region of BC, two cranes (100 ton and 40ton) were used to load and haul the stones down logging roads in mountainous terrain. The sandstone shown here came from an excavation near Okotoks and the granite from Vancouver.

Paul Haggins' stone (in the background) weighs 34,900lb. The others range in size down to 13,200lb. One sculptor will use 3 smaller stones for his scupture.

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