Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thank You

This summer's art experience has been a long saga. Starting at the end of February I began working at my property to prepare for the symposim here. A lot of work on the site and equipment along with administrative work to make it possible for the sculptors to visit kept me going from 6am till midnight a lot of days. Family, friends, communities, organizations throughout Alberta were so helpful. Thier help to cover all the big tasks and little details was essential to see the event go ahead and ultimatly be such a success. AND, because of that success I am confident that it will happen again. I am optimistic that we can do it again in 2009, although I know it will be a lot of work all over again, as the goal will be to do it up even better.

Immediatly after the symposium in Bergen my trip to China, Russia, Thailand and Viet Nam began. Again, it wouldn't have been possible without the assistance of such wonderful people from home and abroad. I have had a tremendous experience, many new opportunities have presented themselves and some new projects have been fostered. Most notably is the international project that was born early during my time in Viet Nam, my old friend and incredible artist Pham Van Hang can take credit for envisioning that. Although I can't divulge details now I will say that when it becomes a reality it will be the start of a project that will provide many cultures with a greater understanding of the arts and how they communicate the ties between all peoples on earth. Art has an ability to convey that sentiment, work that has been created thousands of years ago and now has the chance to be seen and understood throughout the world is doing that and this new project is an opportunity to further it.

For all of the assistance and support throughout this year I thank the following people, members of groups, communities and organizations. If it hadn't been for all of you this year's project and ones that will follow would only be dreams of possibilities lost.

Sculptors Association of Alberta, Sundre Motors Ltd, Sundre Museum, Didsbury Liquor and Beer, Olds Coop, City of Calgary, Calgary Tourism, Prairies to Peaks, Travel Alberta, AG Foods Didsbury, Tim Hortons, Wild Rose Real Estate, Didsbury Museum, Town of Didsbury, Richard Marz (MLA Olds, Didsbury, Three Hills) Mountain View County, Town of Sundre, Town of Olds, Town of Carstairs, Rockyview Ind. (Calgary) VOLUNTEERS: Lori Syer, Nick Vanderzwan, Tracie Ward, Shirley Paradis, Brian Vanderzwan, Jim McAllister, Brontie Tkachuk, Christine Sarsons, Glenn Kowalsky, Frank Scholzen, Danny Joe Jones, Richie Valthius, Eileen Heidler, Christopher White, Christine Pinder, Brad Callihoo, Steven Pope, Kailyn Ritchie, Samia and Nigel, Mark Stuthiet, Jessica Thompsom, Al Henderson, Pat Galbraith, Deborah Wilson, Ed Stacey, Wendy Tredger, Ed Morgan, Dana Geaudrue, Barry Hainsworth, Melody Enman, Tran Viet Hung, Tran Thahn Nam, Pham Van Hang, Nguyen Tan Cuong, Bui Hai Son, Jock Hildebrand,Luong Van Thanh,Marjorie Davies, Ngo Liem,Van Ngoc, Chien, Pham Minh Chien,Peerapong Doungkaew, Pham Van Hang, Quang, Vu, Stepen Turner, Tran Truc Phuong, Tran Viet Hung, Vahe Tokmajyan, Valentina Dusavilskaya, Yury Tachenko, Russia Ministry of Culture, Constantine (major sponsor), Peerapong Doungkaew, Paul Haggins, Vahe Tokmajyan, organizers of the Global Sculpture Conference in Chang Chun, China AND many others that I fail to recall at this time. I know the real list is twice this size.

The commraderie that the artists, administrators and volunteers in Russia, China, Thailand and Viet Nam developed during my stays there were/are an invaluable bond that will help me to continue my path in art successfully. It makes the realization of our dreams possible, I look forward to future experiences in art at home and abroad. I hope that my work in organizing and participating in public art programs will contribute to appreciation for art and the benefits it provides as well as realizations about the brotherhood that all people share. With increasing technology the world has and will continue to be a smaller place. Our actions and sentiments have the opportunity to touch others around the world, let's strive to make those ones of love, respect and recognition that we all hold similar values.

Thanks also to all those that have followed this blog, I have created it in the interest of developing an undedrstanding and appreciation for arts of all kinds. Music, dance, theatre, the visual arts, poetry...........all have an ability to stimulate friendship between those that share it as participants, organizers, and attendees.

Finally; In 1992 I was invited to join the Atti2ude Club, since that time and through that organization I have gained an education and had opportunities presented that are far beyond my wildest dreams. For that I must say that I can't express my thanks, the openness with ideas, concepts, knowledge of art and thier overwhelming support has made all of this possible for me. Following is a description of qualities that members hold and cherish and a brief description of my development as an artist.

Atti2ude Club, you might be a member, if

1 you love art.
2 you know that everyone who does art gets something and contributes something from it.
3 you don’t think there are hard and fast rules about art.
4 you know that the first person to create a new art form probably had a lot of people that said it wasn’t art.
5 you think non-traditional mediums are great for making art.
6 you don’t know all the terms relating to art.
7 you know all the terms relating to art.
8 you know that you don’t have to have a studio to be an artist.
9 you know that you don’t need a parchment to be an artist.
10 you have a parchment.
11 you don’t have a parchment.
12 you have developed a technique that you share freely with others.
13 you have developed a technique that you would rather not share with others.
14 you respect that someone developed a technique but would rather not share it.
15 you understand that art can be a great benefit to your community.
16 you volunteer to arts events just to be around other artists and enjoy their work even if yours may not be included.
17 you aren’t an artist but you volunteer to arts events just to be around artists and enjoy their work.
18 you don’t care for certain kinds of art but don’t say so.
19 you can sit around a camp fire or kitchen table and talk about art all night.
20 you’re game to try something/everything even though you know you might not be very good at it.
21 you only do one kind of art but you do it with passion.
22 you want to help spread the word and demonstrate that art can be a benefit to individuals, organizations and communities.
23 you pass opportunities on to others because you want to see them succeed with their art.
24 you know that creating art is very fulfilling and you’re happy for people who find that place.
25 you don’t care if everyone thinks your work is art.
26 you’re excited about collaborative art because you want to be involved in creating a piece that you don’t have all the skills to realize on your own.
27 you see some Gawd awful art but you honestly like it because you know what fulfillment it gave the artist.
28 you don’t run the other was when you first encounter the club.
29 you know the reason it’s been around for so long is that there’s only one rule for membership.
The only rule:
If you have the right attitude, you ARE a member.

Fear No Art

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