Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hello Micheal, here are some shots of the event at St. Jean-Port Joli. What a great time we had there too. Vahe Tokmajyan was the team captian and Mark Stuthiet and I filled in the rest of the team. The event was four days I think so the trip was about 6. Our blocks were 4 meters high and 3 in diameter I think. We did a piece titled "The Three Graces". All of the sculptures were beautiful and the last night was really "cool". The carving stopped at 12 noon on Sunday and 5pm the others, except Saturday. Teams were allowed to start at 8am on Saturday and work right through the night until noon Sunday, and most did. That was a blast....and beautiful with the spotlights shining on the sculptures and the public all around the sight. Start at the bottom for a kind of chronological progression.
This is the Cubans sculpture, it was great! A group of people dancing in a circle. It really conveyed the feeling of the whole event for me.

Just after noon on Sunday and the quitting bell rang we took pictures.

Some of the details are going on and the negatives spaces between the masks and figures is starting to go in.
The site was crowded with artists and visitors throughout the whole event. St. Jean-Port Joli is a town of 2500 and the attendance was over 15,000!!! Wow, art can create great things, even for small towns.
This is out of sequence too, likely the morning of day 3.

This is the end of three days, the next day is 28hrs long, we should be able to finish it just the way we planned in that time.

Each night there was a get together in the artists lounge with a band etc. First we showered and ate at a restaurant. Many made special meals for us, in fact some of them were closed for the season but opened during Fete Dvir. Hospitality was great, the food and the social events. We visited a sugar maple farm and toured the town which is full of art. They have five international events throughout each year here.

Back to the begining but this is a shot of our block and some of the others near it.

The Cubans kept at it too, we had breaks for snowball fights etc but it was mostly work as there is only a short time to complete the sculptures.

It sure does get cold along that St. Lawerence but doing art keeps your blood pumping pretty good so with warm clothes we were OK

This is likely late on day two, two days left and some of the tricky stuff left to do but the form is there.

By the morning of day two we were moving into the block, maybe this was later on day 1. Not sure.

The first day was particularly cold, I felt sorry for the Cubans that were our neighbors. They hung in there and worked through every day.

After we marked the block out it was time to do some power digging to be able to work on the masks and figures.

This is our block, they were drawn by lots, some had different qualities than others.....well that's just the way they did it.

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