Monday, November 17, 2008


A television crew came out during the symposium in Bergen and made a documentary about it, you can see it by clicking on the link below. Thanks to Dave Casselman for choosing our event to make an episode of his show and thanks for watching it.
There are 3 parts, just click on next part at the end of each one.

There were two photographers from Moscow at the symposium in Russia throughout the event. The have done up a great site check it out, it is great!

Randy Fiedler from Red Deer advocate spent a day at Bergen Rocks, he posted a video on their web site.
Holy! that's a long one, well click here to view it, or copy and paste it into the address line of your internet explorer. Thanks goes out to Randy for his support of the arts. The official blog of the Penza Symposium. Some good pics e.g. the night Bieta and Vincent got married in the hot tub. This one is a slide and video show that one of the sculptors put together.

Here's a list of some sculptors I've worked with and their web sites. Have a look,

Adamec Emil, Czech Republic,
Ahmadi Said, Iran,
Ali Al Mahmeed, Bahrain,
Altnurme Toomas, Estonia,
Bong Soo Kim, Korea,
Burke Morton, Canada,
Daga Franco, Italy,
De Bernardo Marcia, Brazil,
Di Guglielmo Domenico, Canada,
Dzhabraylov Vasyl, Romania,
Dusavitskaya Valentina, Russia,
El Farol Noell, Philippines,
Falcioni Jean-Paul, Switzerland,
Hernandez Valeriano, Spain,
Karaly Ahmed, Egypt,
Kayapinar Ayhan, Turkey,
Lauwers Thierry, Belgium,
Immonen Risto, Finland,
Manevich Ludmila, Russia,
Manevich Roman, Germany,
Maurin Tomas, Slovenia,
O’Donnell (Wyban) Dana, USA,
Paucker Susi, Germany,
Pueblo Mervy, Philippines,
Perron Maurizio, Italy,
Roder Tanja, Germany,
Rostas Beata, Hungary,
Rossner Christoph, Germany,
Senoner Vincenz,Italy,
Shortiss Bertha, Switzerland,
Sonville Paty , Belgium,
Takada Satoru, Japan,
Tkachenko Gleb, Russia,
Tkachenko Yury, Russia,
Turner Carole, USA,
Valenza Michele, Italy,
Yotov Nikolay, Bulgaria,
Zambriska-Sliwa Barbara, Poland,
Ms. Tina Frederickson, Sweden
Ms. Francoises Kurtz, France
Mr. Peerapoong Doung Kaew, Thailand
Mr. Yeon Tak Chang, Korea
Ms. Bertha Shortiss, Switzerland
Mr. Chong Fah Cheong, Singapore
Mr. Chris Peterson, Holland
Mr. Emil Adamec, Hong Kong
Mr. Kees Bunken, Holland
Mr. Alois Lang, Austria
Mr. Won Lee, China
Mr. Yuri Tkachenko, Russia
Mr. Valery Kuznetsov, Russia
Ms. Deborah Wilson, Canada
Ms. Marian Reim, Canada
Ms. Pat Galbraith, Canada
Mr. Jock Hildebrand, Canada
Mr. Delayne Corbett, Canada
Mr. Stephen Turner, Canada
Mr. Alan Gallet, Ireland
Mr. Paul Haggins, Ireland
Ms. Geraldine Greedon, Ireland
Mr. John Weidman, USA ,
Mr. Ken Barnes USA,
Ms. Carol Turner, USA
Mr. Hori Yasushi, Japan
Ms. Masami Aihara, Japan
Mr. Saturu Takada, Japan
Hoang Tuong Minh,
Phan Thi Gia Huong, Vietnam
Nguyen Quan, Vietnam
Bui Hai Son, Vietnam
Ca Le Thang, Vietnam
Pham Muoi, Vietnam
Pham Van Hang, Viet Nam
Nguyen Quoc Thang, Vietnam
Tran Thanh Nam, Vietnam
Nguyen Tan Cuong, Vietnam
Vihn Do, Vietnam
Nguyen Thanh Thi, Vietnam
Pham Quang Ngoc, Vietnam
Pham Minh Chien, Vietnam
Phan Phuong, Vietnam
Dang Thi Khue, Vietnam
Tran Thanh Phong, Vietnam
Tran Van Tram, Vietnam
Tran Viet Hung,
Truong Dinh Que, Vietnam
Pham Van Hang, Vietnam
Nguyen Hoang Anh, Vietnam
Le Lang Bien, Vietnam
Duong Dinh Chien, Vietnam
Nguyen Hong Duong, Vietnam
Nguyen Than, Vietnam
Ngo Liem, Vietnam
Le Thi Hien, Vietnam
Dinh Cong Dat, Vietnam
Dao Minh Tri, Vietnam
Hoa Bich Dao, Vietnam
Hua Van Chien, Vietnam
Tran Thanh Tung, Vietnam
Luong Van Thanh, Vietnam
Nguyen Oanh, Vietnam
Ritchie Valthius, Canada