Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug 1

The symposium was to begin on Aug2 as we knew with late flights and the trip to Bergen from the Airport everyone would be tired and it would be nice to have a day to relax and visit a little more.

Despite staying up until 4:30am there was a knock at my door at 8:00am. "Power and water please"

They just couldn't wait a day to become familiar with thier stones.

Paul Haggins started on his stone and cleaved the 10,000lb off that is blocked up in the background yesterday.

Hung started right in on his stone and had a beautiful cleave made by the end of the day. This 7000lb block of marble will comprise one element of his sculpture.

We stopped for a break when my brother from Victoria and my mother stopped out. Although we weren't even supposed to be started yet they got to see a little sculpting action and we got donuts.

Hung has cut all the way around the granite block with a diamond grinding machine and then with steel wedges "cleaved the stone in two.

It is amazing to see how straight the cleave is, almost all of the stone is brocken rather than cut. The cuts are made so that the energy from the wedges that are tapped progresively tighter "cut the stone on the line you want.

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