Monday, August 11, 2008

Aug 11

Bergen Rocks...Aug 11

Today was a great day for sculpting, scattered clouds kept the sun subdued enough that it didn't quite get hot like it was over the weekend. Hungs figure is coming along well. He has the negative space in the center cut right through now, I think we will roll it over on Wednesday so that he can work on the other side.
Peerapong is creating detail on what will be the top of his sculpture already, here he is using a point chisel to remove material and create texture. How many thousand times each day does he strike that chisel?

Last night we had this beautiful cake for desert after supper, my family had it specialy decorated with mountains, a stream, trees etc. Shirley boiled up rhubarb from my garden to put on it along with ice cream.

We have to start thinking about placement now, two of the sculptures require concrete pads poured below surface, the other 3 will need some ground preperation. So that they can be exhibited for the closing ceremony, we will have to start on that before the weekend. Tommorrow is a day off, I think we'll take an hour or so in the afternoon to consider where this group of sculptures will be placed.

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