Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aug 12

Bergen Rocks...Aug 12

Today was our first day off, last Tuesday the guys decided to forgo a break and work on the Tuesday. The symposium was supposed to begin on Saturday but they started on Friday, then they skipped the day off on Tues.

We spent the day driving west of Sundre, visited Limestone Mountain, Bighorn Falls etc. Driving out through Bearberry and back on the Mountainaire Lodge Road provided a beautiful circle tour of our back country. The hike up to the falls provided a photo op at every corner. This litlle staircase had a beam of light coming onto it through the canyon.
After getting home we lit the fire and had a wiener and marshmallow roast. Early to bed this evening, tommorrow we have the official welcoming ceremony in Didsbury so that will provide a chance to shut down a little early. I'm kind of concerned about the guys getting worn down from working late so many nights. Peerapong suggested that we should work 15 days straight now before the next day off......

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