Friday, August 21, 2009

Aug 14

Bergen Rocks 09....Aug 14, Installation day

Paul's cross was the first piece to be loaded from the site, it is a cold and rainy day but the work has to get done. We're hoping for bettter weather tommorrow.

The cross was stood on the grass first then picked straight up and placed over the locating pin in the base.
The weather got worse as the day went on, "Prelude" is hoisted onto the trailer. Kind of cool to see these huge sculptures flying through the air........that's what iron workers call it when they hoist beams etc.

"Spring" and "Prelude" were loaded on the trailer at the same time. When a sculpture is placed it is pretty common to adjust the orientation more than a couple of times before the final OK. Sometimes we get it right the first time and then still move it at least a couple of times to be sure there isn't a better angle for it to face etc. Chien has a look at "Spring" from every angle before we move on to installing "Prelude"
I think this is the first picture of "Gates to Heaven, Anybody Can Go". Although one of the straps is still on a column the lintle was finally in place. After the bells are installed and the pad is covered with sod this sculpture will appear to be a 1000 years old already......coool!
We did a lot of just running around taking pictures after the installations were finished. This old saw did a pile of work this year. As soon as we get slowed down and organized a little I will start work on building another one for next year. Since we use eratics rather than quarried stone there is a lot of prep work to do on the stones that isn't required if the material arrives cut to spec.

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