Thursday, August 7, 2008

Art Show

Bergen Rocks...the art show

Along with the sculptors creating their work on site there is also an art show on site. Volunteers from various arts groups in Edmonton, Kelowna, Calgary and Okotoks put in countless hours contacting artists, preparing the show space and installing the exhibit. I think they would all say it was well worth the effort, it's beautiful. The event is endorsed by the Sculptors Association of Alberta, there is a large number of sculptures by members of that group in the show. As well; jewelry, paintings, wood carving, wood turning, metalsmithing, glass. Shirley and Christine have done an incredible job of the installation of the art show. As art has been coming in daily for about two weeks now it seems that it is constantly being rearranged and it looks better each time. Of course with more art that is logical eh?

Several Sundre area artists have joined us to share thier art. Frank Scholzen, Kristine Sarsons, Danny Joe Jones, Glenn Kowalsky. The art show is open until the end of the symposium Aug 31. In total about 30 artist are displaying thier work.

Shirley Paradise (ACA 1967) curated the show, she and Christine Pinder have a workshop in the art show and are working with metals, glass, feathers, bone, stone.......creating beautiful jewelry, garden art, sculpture and more.

Once inside you'll forget that you are actualy in a barn. Well there are some signs of it if you look closely, but the art work is incredible. This hertiage building was the milking barn for the dairy farm that was on this property for decades. We need to get a little better signage on site for the art show, just head for the barn and you'll find it. Our volunteers still have full days just getting these last details sewed up. The little tasks seem endless but there is the fun of the whole event and everyone is having a ball. By the opening ceremonies we should having everything looking great.

"Harold Weiber" fabric art by Wendy Tredger.

Garden Angels and a beautiful garden gate by Shirley Paradis.

Jewelery and framed metal art by Shirley and Christine.

Sculptures by Vahe Tokmajyan and wood turnings by Glenn Kowalsky and
Danny Joe Jones, from the Bearberry area, is exhibiting some of his wood carvings.

Work by Kristine Sarsons, Frank Scholzen and Morton Burke.


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