Saturday, August 8, 2009

Aug 7

Bergen Rocks 09, Aug 7

Art Show

Christine has been a trooper, along with cooking meals and washing clothes and everything else that needs to be done she is the curator of the art show. Our rule of thumb is that if an artist is interedsted enough to inquire and bring some work over we'd be glad to exhibit it. The barn becomes a beautiful exhibition space with Christine's inovations. Behind the curtain is an old car in the process of restoration. It's surprising how this space can transform for this month, it'll be back to a workshop a few days after the symposium is over.

On site in an old rustic barn we have an art show that adds another interesting thing for folks to see when they come out. Paul, Gerard, Chander and Carlos brought small pieces with them to exhibit or offer for sale. These works are Gerard's, made from Kisii Stone. He lives in the village of Kisii, it is well known for this particular soapstone. It has viens of many colors running through it, cuts and polishes well.
Another view in the art show, the tall wood sculpture in the centre is one of Carlos' works. Several local artists are also exhibiting work, paintings, pottery, woodwork, silver and goldsmithing........lots of interesting original work.
A mask by Bearberry artist Danny Joe Jones looks great along with a painting by Bill Holder of Longview and Kokopeli lamp by Christine Pinder. About half of the work is by locals from Edmonton to Kelowna. Barbra Bell from the art museum and gallery in Bearberry has several pieces in the show too. It's great to have them share their work with us and everyone that attends.
More works by local artists, mache bowls decorated in a native theme by Karen and Rae Schzutalz of Nanton are beautiful. Painting on slate and an interesting assemblage by Leslie Huber of Bergen add some Canadian images.
Carlos brought a sculpture of Don Quixote, it is intricatly carved, about 2 feet high and 2 feet long and made from mahogany.
More small sculptures by Gerard and some folded copper and silver forms by Stephen Turner. In the background is a graphite sketch by Robin Brierley of Claresholm.

Vantigham's Backhoe Service from Olds provided a machine Friday after noon to do the groundwork nessecary to pour the bases for some of the sculptures. Three will use stone bases, they don't need concrete under them as they have a pretty big footprint. Looks like we will pour the bases on Monday, that will give the concrete 4 days to cure. The Celtic cross and the temple will set a lot of wieght on a small area, the concrete will be reinforced with metal.
The stone Gerard is using for "Desire To Be" is too large for the backhoe or Old Blue to move, so he is surfacing the bottom of it near the house where it sits now. When the big crane comes we'll place it first and while the other sculptures are being installed he will prepare the top surface.

While we were placing some of the base stone Chander took a break. We made it through the big storm earlier this week, it is really nice to see the sun and blue sky though.
Stephen Turner from Calgary has spent a couple of weeks here. He is a sculptore and metalsmith, here he is working on a folded copper form. He's also been a big help on site when we need to get stuff done.

Chander applies patina to his bells, they will be beautifully rusted within a couple of days.
Chander's bells after being welded, decorative designs cut out of and some welded to them and being treated to create patina. There are a couple of extras too, one in stone that weighs about 500lb which will hang in the trees somewhere.
Paul is taking a pretty big slice off the back of his cross to prepare it for the feather, and all in small chunks!!


Debbie Doo said...

Another great batch of pics Mort! And that little couple who came for the tour....Absolutely Adorable. Underneath all the brawn and savage pounding and drilling and chiseling by all of the guys there lie the most tender hearts to take the time to spend with these folks and make them feel so special! This is why I love your blog. It just really conveys what Bergen is about. The end result of course is that beauty in scuplture comes out, but it's really so much more. International brotherhood, tolerance of different lifestyles, compassion and learning...and all in the name of art!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the fact that it makes me laugh out loud (no kidding) just amazes me.

mortonsculpting said...
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mortonsculpting said...

Hi Debbie, Thanks for such nice comments. I think you hit the nail on the head. It seems that these guys are all sweethearts, people that take the time to come out and see what is going on experience a unique thing, new to this area. Paul always gives a giggle when he discovers or hears that you are still following and commenting on Bergen Rocks. He really enjoyed his time in your city and would love to come back sometime. Five days left now, keep following the action, the sculptures will be installed on Friday.