Sunday, August 14, 2011

Second week

Aug 13

Brad Calihoo made it down this weekend too. He has been at all of the Bergen Rocks events, helping out and always has his camera close at hand. He takes a lot better shots than I do, check out some of them at

Will Truchon, Edmonton Sculptor and architect came down for the second weekend. Last week he assisted Ebru with the gas axe, this weekend he got back on that helping oput Uk.

Alessio made a huge leap forward on his form but he still has a lot of detail. This afternoon's cuts shaved well over 1000 lbs off his stone.

Many people are curious about Ebru's work, made from five pieces I think it is pretty hard to envision where she is going with it.

Bong Soo had us stand his up today, it will likely stay in this orientation until he is finished now. Most everyone can see what it will be now but still really interesting to see what details he will include.

Connie, of the general public, read the signs along the fence warning that marble dust can be a hazard. She didn't have a facemask with her but quickly improvised one.

Boots weren't quite waterproof....sculptors are imaginative or maybe just like a bunch of kids sometimes. Did the job though.

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