Monday, October 6, 2008

October 4

Some of the things that I see just make me grin or sometimes outright laugh. There are many of the same vehicles here that we have at home but I think the models are all named differently or there are just simple spelling discrepencies that are understandable due to the pronounciation of english words or local customs that might help sales. Too many to list but here are a few: Toyota Forerunner becomes Fortuner, another model is the High Ace. Honda makes motor bikes named Click, Nice, and Super Nice. Mazda markets the Fighter pickup truck. A fast food chain is Bug and Bee...and that's what they sell.
"Good and Bad", some pics of Micheal Kenton's work exhibited in the show. the body of work he has there conveys a strong message about our throw away society, a relevant topic in this day and age. HEY!!! Stop drinking bottled water will you, it's silly (especialy in Western Canada where we have some of the world's freshest water) and it's choking our environment.

Good and evil, a plastic "disposable" drink bottle in the fore ground and biodegradeable cardboard containers in the back ground.

This piece of Michael's struck a cord with me, titled "Inteligent Design" it portrays the beautiful banksia tree flower and other plants from Australia on the left and a Coke bottle on the right.

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thanhnamdk said...

t's amazing, i wonder how thay can do that