Monday, October 20, 2008


Now that I have figured out how to get on to my blog myself I can also put on some of the interesting videos. Christine Pinder from the Atti2ude Club has been posting my blog info until now as I could not get into the edit page in English. Thanks to Christine for that and to everyone that has followed my trip this fall. I hope that it has inspired more interest in art for some people that took the time to have a look.

Just had to put this one on here as I think it sounds unbelievable, everywhere we went in Russia as a group we were escorted by police with lights flashing all the way. Our trips were in a beautiful bus with a tour guide telling us about points of interest and historical facts about the area. It is pretty typical that we get treated very nicely when we gather to create art in whatever culture we visit, this was a new level for me!! Thanks to the organizers for the wonderful cultural trips we went on and all the other special things they did for us. The comraderie that we developed will make any one of us glad to come back again I'm sure.

I just had to include two videos of this group of child performers, all of the sculptors were impressed to the max. Thier talent and the choreogaphy were mind blowing. The smiles on our faces spoke for our appreciation for the effort they put into showing us a good time, I'm so pleased to have had an opportunity to be here and to leave a piece of my work that I hope will be enjoyed by the people here.

Another night young and specialy talented musicians entertained us, this girl about age 12 I think, was a mind blowing guitarist.

Same night as the guitarist, these young accordian players were fantastic, two boys and a girl.

This young singer on another night had a beautiful costume and an impressive band backing her up.

This girl singing on the same night had everyone in the spirit with the lively songs she sang.

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Debbie Doo said...

Oh My! The cars are actually pulling off the road to let you pass. Somebody is gonna get a big head from that kind of treatment. ha ha. You'll need to get a bigger hat!