Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Oct 19

A ritual is to sing some folk songs after eating. I do John Prine a lot or Old Mcdonald. Vietnamese music is beautiful and they all like to sing.
Quang and his wife at thier home where we got together Sunday evening. Wonderful hosts
Oanh, it is so nice to have old friends drop in unexpededly. We had a great time.
After most people left we continues eating and vbisiting until about 10pm.
Here a clay model of a Buddha, it will be realized in granite and be shipped to Texas for a Vietnamese shrine or temple.
There are lots of things to eat that we wouldn't think of in North America. Glad I have a meat industry background and realize that we throw a lot of stuff away that is good to eat and good for you. This is in a fast food restaurant
The first course of the beautiful and delicious meal that Phoung cooked up last night.
On the 16 I saw Thanh for the first time in 3 years, last time I saw him he had me over for a meal with his wife and two daughters. Since then they have had twin girls!!!
The group of us that got together at the home of Quang on Sunday for a beautiful meal and great visit.

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