Wednesday, October 22, 2008

video 2

It just wouldn't be Russia without Cossack dancing

Some body always got in on the action, here Levon Tokmajyan from Armenia was really enjoying the performance and the singer got him up to participate.

Matundo from Kenya pulled out his native folk music every once in a while and everyone loved it!! I think of him as a good friend now and hope that we can have in to Canada for his awesome sculpture and personality.

I guess I should add a clip of me working, here I am taking material out for the negative space in the lower element of my sculpture. Big strokes with the striking tool and using a large chisel.

Here I work on a detail. By cutting the edge of the opening at a 45 degree angle I create contrast which makes the form of the negative space very easy to see, creates a clean crisp outline.

More ethinic music, these guys could really jam.

This is the minister of culture speaking at the ceremony where we each recieved some beautiful gifts and a certificate recognizing our participation.

After the ceremony we had our last supper together, 5 star! About 8 courses were capped off with roast suckling pig. Then the last night of fun began.

I think evryone danced.....and danced and took a thousand pictures, we leave for Moscow tommorow night.

While we waited for the bus Matundo sang for us one last time. There was a lot of hugs and a few tears even though we will be on the bus for the next six hours. So that's it for Russia. When we got to Moscow I decided to go to Thailand for the opening of Peerapong's exhibit at the National Museum of Art and Culture in Bangkok. We got to Moscow about 7am and I was able to fly out at 8pm so I spent the day in the city with a few other sculptors who didn't fly out right away either.

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