Thursday, October 2, 2008

Russia almost done

Lydia, my neighbor on the other side, from Poland

Christoff from Germany


paulburke said...

Hi Bucky! Thanks for keeping us posted here - and for the pics! It looks like you are having a ball - what a great life - travelling around the world, meeting interesting people and having fun with your passions. Good for you. We have been hearing of the plane crash in Russia and the Hurricane in Vietnam - so we're wondering if you are still alive and kicking. I guess if you are reading this - then you are! I'm looking forward to seeing all your pics and hearing of your travels when you get back. Have fun! (Paul)

brianv said...

Hey Mort, glad to see your having fun taking in the local arts and culture. I'm sure your picking up a few pointers from the Artists participating that will be put to good use on your return. The boys and I had a few brews on your picnic table the other night while taking in the "Bergen Rocks" sculptures in the moonlight... a gorgeous scene. Have fun, stay safe, see you on your return.