Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6, 2008

This a.m. I got my visa for Viet Nam and then pretty much took the rest of the day off. It was great to just lay around in my room and rest, I got thinking about it and realized I have been going pretty steady since the end of Feb. getting ready for Bergen Rocks and this trip. I'm surprised what can be accomplished just by being surrounded by otheres that are excited about art and getting er done. One more project for this trip then the big ice gig in Kelowna end of Nov. I guess when I get back I should dive right into preperations for the sympopsium next year in Bergen and make contact with the communities that have expressed interest in hosting one. It would really be cool to have more than one next year, a real boost to know that we generated such interest with so few people and with a relatively small event. I think it is going to go somewhere just have to concentrate our efforts where the interest is strong.

This is a picture of a sculpture that I brought with me on my trip, it was exhibited at the Penza Museum of Art there and will become part of thier permanent collection after it is exhibited at the Ho Chi Minh Museum of Fine Art in November and December. Pretty cool I think that a hill billy from Bergen can have work in a collection along with Rodin and other masters.

These are pictures of my sculpture at Penza "From the Heart" It changed quite a lot from the model I took with me due to changes from my expectations regarding the equipment and material. The lathe was not large enough to handle the wood for what I had originaly planned and then I learned that we were to use 2-50cmX2m oak logs rather than one. I started into designing a second sculpture hen it came to me that it might be pretty cool to use both for the same sculpture and do a positive/negative thing with it. I'm really pleased the way it turned out.
I assisted Chander Park from India with his sculpture for a few days, what a blast! Also worked with Pierre from France and Barbara from Poland.

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