Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 13

Today was the opening of the exhibition at the art museum in Penza, I brought a piece titled "Ice, Wood and Fire" It is a turned sculpture with wood, metal, glass and light elements. Interviewed with my piece by TV and lots of pics with it by attending public and other sculptors. All very nice but like everyone else I think we’d just about rather be at the site getting dirty and working on our sculptures. Well, I guess there is time for that too. Really an enjoyable day and just soak up the experience as it develops. After the museum a tour of the college of art* Our bus is escorted everywhere by police with lights flashing and sirens at the intersections. Even stopping traffic at the intersections, hmmm this is really cool to say the least. During supper (which is a real spread) entertainers in traditional costumes thrilled us all. When I can I’ll get some pictures up about that kind of stuff, you can only put on so many photos of sculptors sculpting.

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Debbie Doo said...

You can never see too many pics, especially if the art form moves you emotionally. I may be the only one admitting it, but I think there are many folks out there that are fascinated by the evolution. Never underestimate your fan base! It's also great to see the commaraderie develop. It shows in the pics too.