Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 11 & 12

Begin sculpting, as I need to do a lot of work on a lathe at a factory in Penza and I won’t get to use it until next week I assisted the reps from France and Poland. They are both working in stone so I get my hands onto stone and wood in this symposium. Stayed busy where I could see a little help was needed, cleaned rubble from the work area for several other sculptors. Making fast friends as we all do invariably.

Some of the sulptors hired assistants from the college of art who were given time away from classes to work at the symposium. Bonus! they got to have fun and work with sculptors from around the world, got paid a little and didn't have to sit in class. We got some much needed assistance with the bull work. I assisted Barbara for most of the first week as my tools were held up in China and I really would not have chosen to do anything else.

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