Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 21

Back to work today, burned out my drill right off the bat. Will have to get a new one tomorrow, now time is getting short so I’ll have to work hard the next four days. Time kind of snuck up on me here, I couldn’t get on to the lathe for the first week and ½ and now with a few little problems coming up I can see I will finish just in time. Would be nice to have a few extra days to tour Penza etc but I had a lot of fun helping others where I could during the first period of time where I couldn’t begin my work. There has been entertainment every night so far, children dancing and playing instruments, traditional music and dancing, classical music, a man whose voice blew everyone away……if I can figure out how to put video on my blog I’ll do that otherwise pictures will have to suffice. Seems every night it all ends in a social event happening somewhere, at the pool, in someone’s room or the dining room etc. Having the time of my life again as always seems to happen at these symposiums. I have gotten into having everyone sign my hat with a felt pen as a memento, today I got that done at lunchtime, only missed a few. I brought an extra hat for the gig in Viet Nam, so two new hats for the wall on this trip.

Levon Tokmajyan, Vahe's father

Dominico working on his piece

Dana O'Donnell from USA, gettin' dusty. Entertainment has been incredible as I've probably mentioned already. I think this is the third time that very talented young musicians have put on delightful performances. The organizers have really done it up right for this symposium, you can't come to Russia and not take in some classic Russian music. I can't get enough of that but not complaining when they have a jazz band or rock and roll or..........what a great time!!!!

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Carolet said...

Hi Morton -

Am enjoying your blog but just noticed a photo identifed as being me -- but it's actually Dana working on her sculpture, not moi.

Glad you got a flight out of Moscow - you were still in limbo when I left for St. P. Say hi to Peerapong for me. And good luck on next leg of your trip. I'll watch for the VN version of your sculpture.

Carole Turner