Friday, August 21, 2009

Aug 13

Bergen Rocks 09
Aug 13

The local Legion is installing a memorial at the Sundre cemetery, the stone they have isn't quite the dimensions they need so they stopped by this morning to have it trimmed up. Steve Turner helped out with that a lot, it is really busy on site with everyone finishing up some detail or other. A couple of the sculptures were placed today, in some cases they need to have them in place to ponder the orientation..............
To be sure that the location pins glued into the pad will slide right up into the bottom of the columns the receiving holes have to be drilled perfectly straight. Chander watches that the bit is going in parallel to a line scribed on the side while I watch that it stays straight left to right as we drill the hole.

Paul is texturing the feather that runs all the way up his cross, it is the first in the work area so we will move it first in the morning. The big crane that is coming can't get past it without moving it.

We set Chander's columns on the pad to be sure they would sit plumb and mark the pad for the position of the locating pins. Chander is drilling the hole for the righthand column. Both columns will be in place and ready for the big crane to set the lintel on tommorrow morning.

We also placed Stephen Yettaw's sculpture today, this sandstone cutoff is the base.
After setting the columns Chander cut the tops so that the lintel would sit perfectly on top. Most of the guys worked until 10 or 11 tonite. The realization that there is only one working day left is keeping everyone at their work.
It drizzled all evening as well, the forecast for tomorrow looks bleak too. Guess we'll light the woodstove in the house (we had to dig up the propane line for the furnace to pour Chander's pad) and the one in the barn again tomorrow. It is really nice to slip into the gallery and warm up around the wood stove.

Final check with bar to verify that the tops of the columns are on the same plane, it is completely dark now and pretty chilly. The crane comes at 8am for the installations.

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