Friday, August 21, 2009

Aug 19

Bergen Rocks 09

Saturday night after supper we had a chance to get pictures of all of us with the sculptures, last chance for that as Paul is leaving at 7:30am tommorrow. This is Carlos' piece, "Prelude".
"Desire To Be", Gerard Motondi. All people desire to be something which they are not, some in society will look up to leaders and desire to have what they have achieved while some who have achieved in leadership or business will look at those that lead simpler lives and covet their lifestyle.........we all desire something other than what we have or are.

Paul realized another incredible Celtic cross. So many people who came out over the last year and marveled at the cross will have another to appreciate with the new cross at the park. This one is slightly taller than "Ancient Cultures" from last year, as large as manhy of the High Crosses in Ireland.
Chander's sculpture is a temple. He says that in India there are 100's of these temples, that even a small town may have several of them. In the morning people go there to pray and pur water on the bells, they are nondenominational, Budhists, Hindus and Christians are all welcome to pray there. The title conveys this mutual respect idea perfectly, "Gates to Heaven, Anybody can go"
It was so much fun and amazing things happened in the creation of "Gates to Heaven, Anybody can go". The sculpture changed dramatically, many challenges and coincidences presented themselves that influenced the result. Chander had already carved one bell which wieghs approx 300lbs when he decided to switch to welded steel bells. Lots of other neat stuff that wasn't planned was incorporated in the final piece, this temple was a piece that evolved as it was being created.
"Spring" is such a serene and beautiful sculpture, especially with the artist meditating on top of it after being placed. The form of a young lady ready to bloom like a flower in the spring, in white and blue marble. The base is the shape of Viet Nam and the sculpture is placed right where Hanoi is. I see a message in this creative base although Chien never mentioned it. Viet Nam is also a flower that is ready to bloom. It is a beautiful country with such warm hearted people, tourism is increasing yearly.

Monday, Aug 17 Gerard left for Kenya, he will only have 2 weeks at home before going to Korea for another symposium there. Everyone that is still here went down to see him off.

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