Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aug 13

Bergen Rocks 09
Aug 13

On Tuesday we placed all of the bases, this one is Gerard's for "Desire to Be". Volunteer from Bearberry, and artist, Danny Joe Jones was there most of the afternoon and helped out with chains and blocking etc that makes this kind of work a 3 man job with Old Blue.
On Wednesday Desire to be was the first sculpture to be placed on it's base. Gerard will spend time on Thursday working on small details for the final installation.

Paul, Gerard and Mark Stutiet, Bieseker sculptor, discuss what will be done to match the base and the sculpture for the final installation. A few options are available, Gerard decided to sleep on it and make a decision Thursday morning.
We also placed Chien's base on Wednesday. Thursday Mark, Steven Turner and I used about 3 cu meters of soil to create an artistic element to the base which Chien designed. No picture right now but it is really beautiful and interesting. I can't wait to see "Spring" installed.....and all of the others.

There have been several pictures of the big drills, saw etc. Details are done with chisel and hammer, and specialized tools like this one. A straight air powered die grinder with a carbide burr. Many shapes of burrs are used to make recesses or to shape some of the outside edges etc. Really, what ever works is the rule of thumb for working stone. We build our own chisels on site , I'll try to gather some up and get a picture of them today.

At the end of the day we sat on the deck with the heater on. It was a little chilly for this time of year, hoping for nice weather again tommorrow.

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